How to Choose a Slip and Fall Attorney in 3 Easy Steps

Slip and Fall Attorney

How to Choose a Slip and Fall Attorneys in 3 Easy Steps

Hiring a slip and fall attorney is vital for your settlement claim. Therefore you should pay personal attention while choosing an attorney to represent your case. It is advisable to interview a few highly skilled and experienced slip and fall attorneys or a law firm before hiring one. Remember that your accident attorney will not only get you money but protects your rights as a victim from a negligent act of another person.

Things To Look For:

1) Expertise

As an expert in the subject matter, a slip and fall attorney will guide you through the entire process of settlement. Make sure that the attorney you choose has had previous real-time experience in handling a similar claim case and has been successful in that case.

2) Negotiation

An experienced slip and fall attorneys will evaluate your damages and arrive at a compensation amount that you can claim from the property owner. These can be for medical expenses or loss of income you have occurred during the injury period. This again will come from experience and it is critical that the attorney is adept at handling this. The attorney will also help in negotiating with the property owner and push for an out of court settlement with his negotiating skills.

3) Fees

Finally, it is important for you to understand the fee arrangement of the attorney or the law firm that you hire. A common practice is to get a contingent fee paid where the attorney will be paid only when a successful claim is received. This fee will usually be a percentage of the total compensation claim received.

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